General dentists and orthodontists are both oral and dental care providers. Even without the additional years of education, some general dentists are familiar with orthodontic procedures. However, seeking treatment from someone who specializes in the care you need is the best way to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Dr. Elysa Kahan of Los Angeles, California, is a skilled and board-certified orthodontist who has served the Los Angeles community for many years. Her orthodontic procedures have improved the lives of thousands of people.

Read on to find out how her practice, specializing in misplaced teeth, misaligned jaws, and uneven bite patterns, can make a big difference.


To provide the greatest orthodontic treatment available, orthodontists must finish an extra 3 years of education and training in a competitive residency program. Orthodontists are specialists in teeth movement.

While regular dentists can perform tooth straightening services, orthodontists are experts in this area. They are completely equipped with the required materials, allowing them to provide a variety of options that may not be available in a general dentist practice.

At Kahan Orthodontics, you will have the most comfortable and effective teeth-straightening experience in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Kahan specializes in teeth movement, with her treatment planning, Dr. Kahan can provide a predictable outcome.


General dentists and orthodontists team up to give the best dental treatment possible. For dental misalignment or uneven biting patterns, many general dentists recommend their patients to a qualified orthodontist. This is because an orthodontist may create a better orthodontic treatment plan with the use of advanced orthodontic technologies.

Kahan Orthodontics combines cutting-edge technology and techniques with extensive experience and understanding to produce the most perfect smile. Dr. Kahan’s digital x-ray and intraoral scanner ensure that scanned images are far more exact than impressions and that orthodontic materials created from the scans fit more precisely.

Getting Your Braces Done at Kahan Orthodontics

Kahan Orthodontics takes pleasure in providing sophisticated orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. Your orthodontic needs are handled with attention by Dr. Kahan through tailored treatment plans.

Kahan Orthodontics’ cutting-edge technology provides you with many orthodontic alternatives that will make your teeth straightening journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Visit Kahan Orthodontics in Los Angeles, California, or call (818) 578-8782 now to learn more!