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Mother in braces & son in early treatment

Sharing her experience about her treatment

Invisalign story

"Dr. Kahan is pretty awesome. You can tell from the get go when a doctor cares about your concerns. I hated braces when I was younger and never wore my retainer so my teeth shifted. They had been bothering me for a while, so finally I decided to give it a try. Glad I went to her."
We LOVE Dr. Kahan and the friendly staff! Since my daughter was not happy with her teeth's appearance, we consulted few Orthodontists and based on acquaintance and friends' recommendation, we visited Dr. Kahan's office for a complimentary consultation. Dr. was so caring and knowledgeable that we did not have to look any further. My daughter was impressed and excited ...and being a feminist, she was proud to be under care of all girl power Orthodontic office! The office is super clean, modern equipped with the most advanced technology of this field. The staff are accommodating and always welcoming. Dr. Kahan is truly professional and patient, taking time to explain the various options of treatment. She is gentle, young, and takes your concerns and preferences seriously. Our experience has been extremely positive and I highly recommend them. They are honest and trustworthy.
"Dr. Kahan is the best! She is honest, understanding, and truly cares about each of her patients. Her office is new, modern and colorful! She’s also always available at convenient times and willing to work with my hectic schedule. I definitely recommend Dr. Kahan to anyone who wants a kind and talented orthodontist!"
"Being an adult with braces is humbling enough without having any other obstacles in your way. Since I began my treatment a few weeks ago, Dr. Kahan and everyone in her office have been warm, accommodating and kind. They have been responsive whenever I’ve had a question or concern and completely available when I’ve needed anything. I had a couple of consults before I settled on Dr. Kahan. She was the only one who talked to me about the “whole face” and not just about straightening my teeth. She really knows what she’s doing, her office and methods are state of the art and, most of all, she is caring and compassionate. She also offered me a better price than any other orthodontist I visited, which doesn’t hurt! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an ortho."
"Dr. Kahan is seeing my twin sons, both of whom suffer from dental anxiety. She and her staff have immeasurable patience and empathy, making sure the boys never feel rushed or pressured. She takes the time to explain everything she’s doing and why. My sons ask a lot of great questions and she always gives them the best scientific answers. I was really worried about starting orthodontics for my sons, but after getting through our first handful of appointments, I’m feeling very confident that this will be a success. Thank you to Dr. Kahan and your entire staff."
"Dr. Kahan is wonderful! Her office is convenient and has ample parking. When I arrived, I was immediately checked in and only waited a few minutes before meeting with Dr. Kahan. Her warm energy is inviting, and she explained everything clearly. I am looking forward to my next visit!"
"I had a great experience with Dr. Kahan. As an adult looking for orthodontic help, I’ve been iffy about getting any kind of treatment but Dr. Kahan’s sweet, upbeat demeanor immediately put me at ease. She made me feel positive about improving my smile at this stage in life. As a plus, she also offers something called acceledent, which I’d never heard of, that will speed up my treatment. Thanks Dr. Kahan!"
My daughter has the most perfect smile! Omg I cant get over how professional this office is. From start to finish, the entire process was seem less and easy. The staff is friendly and the office is beautiful. I also really appreciate how flexible they were with my schedule. I sound like I'm being paid for this review but the experience really was that awesome. Thanks Dr Kahan and crew!
We love this office! Highly recommend for everyone. They do their job perfectly. When you enter their office, the environment and the people working here are friendly. 100 % recommend to anyone looking for an orthodontist/braces!
Dr. Kahan replaced a permanent retainer that was broken after many years and made an Invisalign retainer for stronger retention. Initially, the new permanent retainer was pulling on my teeth in a way that I didn't anticipate and I was nervous whether I had made the right decision to replace instead of repair. A few months later, I could not be happier as the replacement actually brought my teeth back into better alignment. I appreciate Dr. Kahan's knowledge and commitment to delivering a reliable good.
I must give a round of applause and my highest praises to Kahan Orthodontics Office. From the very first visit Dr Kahan and her staff made us feel comfortable and at ease. They have been incredibly accommodating, kind, patient and extremely gentle. They are cheerful, warm and positive while practicing in the most highly state of the art office. There is no doubt that Dr Kahan's expertise rings out loud and clear. As a grandma, I have been extremely happy to see my granddaughter happy and eager to go to her appointments without fear or worry. Thank you for making this experience so positive
My daughter got her braces off and we couldn't be happier. Dr. Kahan is an incredible orthodontist who is able to give you the smile you want. She is not only professional, kind and super sweet but attentive, easy to deal with and treated my daughter with care and dedication. I also think Ruth, Alyssa and Alison are top notch and are the greatest team! I would completely without any hesitation recommend Dr. Kahan to anyone who wants a great smile and their teeth perfectly aligned.
5 stars all the way! I had braces in high school but was not good about wearing my retainer so my bottom teeth had crowded. When I got engaged on NYE, I thought, OK let me straighten these out before the wedding in early September. I went to another practice and they said it would take 2 years with Invisalign - I said buh-bye!
I started my ortho treatment in May 2015 and chose metal braces. I and Dr. Kahan both decided that this was a great fit for me. I know being an adult with braces is not as appealing as it looks (it's really not that bad), but it is actually more common for adults wanting ortho treatment. It's been 5 months since I started my treatment and have seen so much progress in my bite and crowding. Dr. Kahan has helped me to become more confident and more comfortable with coming to see her (and also the Dentist in general). My insecurities about my smile are slowly drifting away because of how optimistic she's helped me to become. She truly does feel for her patients and knows what's best for her patients. Dr. Kahan and her wonderful front office staff do their best to accommodate with theirs and my schedule and I'm forever thankful for them doing so. Not to forget about her assistants, they are super awesome too and they enjoy what they do. I'm so glad that I came to Dr. Kahan for my ortho needs. This has got to be the best investment I've made for myself.
Only great things to say about Dr. Kahan. I have been putting off writing a review on here almost as long as I put off getting invisalign. The process was so easy from the start, I have no idea why I waited so many years. I live and work on the Westside, but not to worry, weekend appointments make it super convenient for me. I am now on tray 11 of 21 and my teeth are looking so amazing, I can't even tell you. I highly recommend Dr. Kahan for adults and kids - she is so nice, friendly and accommodating. Thanks Doc!
I had a great experience with Dr. Kahan. As an adult looking for orthodontic help, I've been iffy about getting any kind of treatment but Dr. Kahan's sweet, upbeat demeanor immediately put me at ease. She made me feel positive about improving my smile at this stage in life. As a plus, she also offers something called acceledent, which I'd never heard of, that will speed up my treatment. Thanks Dr. Kahan!
Love the place! Love the people! My kids love to go and I love that they are encouraging my kids to maintain their braces! Always kind and all their equipment updated! See you soon! - Nir
Dr. Kahan and her staff are superb! Both of my daughters are going through orthodontic treatment with Dr. Kahan. The staff are all very professional and so friendly. Dr. Kahan was highly recommended by my children’s dentist. - Amy
I love all of the people who work there, the service is excellent. At first I was a little mad about having to get braces, but the amazing staff at Kahan Orthodontics made it worth my while and I am very happy with how my teeth look now! Thank you! - Fiona
Pleasant staff, never a wait, super patient and gentle care....and the office decor and amenities is top notch . Highly recommend. My kids are never anxious or worried about their visit and is music to any parents ears.... - Galia
Kahan Orthodontics is the best doctor's office I've ever been to! The staff is courteous and welcoming. Instead of the usual hour-and-half wait, our appointment starts directly at the time it was scheduled. The staff are informative and eager to help. Not only that, but I am extremely satisfied with the results I have gotten from my treatment. Overall, this is a wonderful establishment and Doctor Kahan is just amazing. - Shreya
Amazing staff, great attention to detail. State of the art technology and equipment, A++ - Maria
We are so happy we came to Dr. Kahan. We knew it was the right place for us as soon as we walked in. Didn’t even bother going elsewhere honestly. Love her office and staff. Recommend it 100%!!! - Pam

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