Although crooked teeth may look harmless, they can lead to overall health issues. Crooked teeth allow bacteria to grow in areas where it is hard to clean, leading to more infections and cavities. For that reason, many patients seek to straighten their teeth at Kahan Orthodontics in Tarzana, California, to improve their teeth and the appearance of their smiles. However, many are unsure whether braces or Invisalign are the best options.

Traditional braces and Invisalign are two of the most popular procedures for straightening teeth, and it’s difficult to say which is better because both produce excellent results. Fortunately, at Kahan Orthodontics, we specialize in moving teeth. We have both treatment options available. We will develop a treatment plan based on your needs with what works best.


The cost of braces will depend on the length of your treatment and the severity of your case.

Luckily, at Kahan Orthodontics in Tarzana, California, Dr. Kahan and her fantastic team make orthodontic treatment accessible. You can be confident that your dream of flawlessly straightened pearly whites is just a few steps away, thanks to our flexible payment plans, insurance providers, and the many braces and aligners offered to move your teeth where they need to be!


The most noticeable distinction between Invisalign and braces is their looks. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible and tightly fit a patient’s teeth from a distance. Because of their clear appearance, many people prefer Invisalign aligners. Traditional braces, on the other hand, are more apparent.

Dr. Kahan offers clear braces using more advanced technology, making appearance less of a challenge in selecting excellent orthodontic treatment. If your primary concern is appearance, braces and Invisalign can help you. In California, Kahan Orthodontics has restored many crooked, misaligned teeth into beautiful pearly whites.


Clear aligners, unlike braces, rarely cause discomfort or cuts. While teeth shifting might be uncomfortable, Invisalign is frequently less painful than braces. These clear aligners, on the other hand, are usually best for modest tooth straightening.

As a result, while braces may cause some discomfort and cuts, they are still a suitable straightening choice for those who suffer from adverse health impacts due to misaligned, crooked teeth. Regardless, people get used to braces or Invisalign over time and find they aren’t too bad to wear.


Even if you don’t have braces or aligners, you should constantly take care of your teeth. However, caring for your teeth with Invisalign entails washing the trays with warm water and cleaning solutions as frequently as you eat. Cleaning the aligner trays might be challenging, resulting in food and bacterium buildup around the gaps.

On the contrary, you can brush and generally floss while wearing braces. However, if food gets lodged between the metals, it may require thorough cleaning.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene becomes even more critical when you have braces or Invisalign, so don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every day.

Invisalign or Braces?

Invisalign and braces both deliver excellent outcomes. Choosing between the two orthodontic treatments provided by Kahan Orthodontics is a matter of achieving better results based on your condition. Visit Kahan Orthodontics in Tarzana, California, or call 818-578-8782 to learn more about your teeth straightening options.