Invisalign For Children

Invisalign first: Invisalign for growing children

Invisalign can often be used by young children as an alternative to braces and expanders. Dr. Kahan will guide you through the process to determine if Invisalign is right for your child.

Why Invisalign For Children

Invisalign First is a terrific option for some children to help with dental arch expansion, closure of large gaps and to correct developing crowding.

Invisalign can help guide adult teeth to grow into their correct positions in children with narrow jaws through dental arch expansion. With this innovative technology we can often avoid expanders and braces in the younger years!

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Benefits Of Invisalign For Children

Invisible, comfortable, and less emergencies for parents!

  • Provide room for incoming teeth without removing surrounding teeth
  • Your child can remove their clear trays while eating, drinking, brushing teeth, playing sports or even music
  • No poking wires or broken brackets means less emergency visits to to our office for busy parents
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All About Invisalign!

Straighten your teeth today and get the perfect smile through Invisalign's clear aligners!.


Pricing for the Invisalign treatment varies for each person, but Kahan Orthodontic offers flexible payment plans and we take insurance to help offset costs!

Invisalign Costs

New to Invisalign? Let Kahan Orthodontics answer your questions so you can be on your way to the perfect smile.

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