Dental decay with braces: how to prevent it

Healthy teeth are important no matter what type of orthodontic treatment you’re going through. With metal wires and rubber bands, it’s easy for sugar or food particles to get stuck under your braces, where they can cause dental decay – especially if cleanings aren’t done on a regular basis at our Kahan Orthodontics office in Encino, California. Here are ways to ensure that those pearly whites stay healthy:

Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth two or three times a day is important while wearing braces. But, if manual toothbrushes are unable to reach hard-to-reach places of the mouth due to wires and brackets, it is recommended that an electric toothbrush be used instead because they are more successful at cleaning everything else on top and on the side, including plaque accumulation, which may lead to cavities! There are also focused cleaning brushes designed specifically for individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment, with each bristle serving a specific purpose.


When wearing braces, flossing is a must! They are necessary, although they can occasionally be annoying since they get caught in your braces. It does take time to floss when wearing braces, but it will be time well spent! For your braces, you can select floss types that are more practical than the standard ones, like waxed floss or super floss. In order to prevent plaque from developing into cavities, floss your teeth at least twice a day, regardless of the type of floss you choose to use.

Fluoride Essentials

Plaque can cause tooth decay, so it’s important to have strong teeth. Fluoride is a natural anti-plaque agent that helps keep your enamel healthy and resistant to acid so you don’t get cavities or other dental problems!

Stannous fluoride toothpaste may help you clean your teeth better while you have braces because it is more resistant to acid from bacteria than other fluoride kinds of toothpaste. You could also use mouthwash with fluoride. The mineral in these products is known to strengthen enamel and cut down on tooth decay. It protects your teeth from acid attacks and fixes cavities before they get big enough to make holes in your teeth!

Visit Kahan Orthodontics

You may think that you can brush your teeth and floss them daily to keep them healthy, but without visiting Kahan Orthodontics at Encino, California, or getting professional dental cleanings every six months, they can still decay over time from some plaque buildup. There is nothing more frustrating than trying hard for an extended period, only ending up with sore gums because brushing and flossing were not powerful enough!

Don’t let this happen when there’s an easy solution – come see us today to ensure optimal dental health, or call us at (818) 578-8782.