It is common for people to have their wisdom teeth removed before they cause any problems. But, it is actually better to have routine dental exams to check on your dental health than to have your wisdom teeth removed when there is completely nothing wrong with them. Usually, shifting teeth as you age is not caused by your wisdom teeth.

But do wisdom teeth affect braces?

In general, the answer is no. But, it is important to see your orthodontist to determine whether you must take specific actions regarding your wisdom teeth and how this may affect your orthodontic treatment.

The smiling professionals at Kahan Orthodontics in Encino, California, use cutting-edge technologies to accurately record every feature of your teeth. During the scan, Dr. Kahan can even move your teeth to their final locations right in front of you! With just a single appointment, you’ll know exactly what to do with those molars.

Nonetheless, it is critical to educate yourself about wisdom teeth and braces. So here’s what you should know:

Wisdom teeth can be removed while under orthodontic treatment

Many patients have their wisdom teeth removed before their orthodontic treatment, but most patients do not know that just as many patients get their wisdom teeth removed while under orthodontic treatment.

Braces can be an effective wisdom tooth treatment.

Braces can actively help in the growth of an impacted wisdom tooth by repositioning it vertically. There are situations, however, when there isn’t enough room for the impacted tooth to grow because all of the other teeth are already there. As a result, the wisdom tooth might need to be extracted.

Braces can also help with the surrounding teeth. The tooth next to the wisdom tooth may try to compensate for its impacted neighbor in some situations. The braces assist in the retention of the adjacent teeth by pushing them back into the gums in line with the others.

The eruption of wisdom teeth does not exert enough pressure to change the arrangement of your teeth.

If you have braces, you shouldn’t have your wisdom teeth taken out to keep other teeth from moving.

Several studies have shown that wisdom teeth do not move other teeth out of place. More and more orthodontists are also quickly adapting to these studies by using different techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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