Orthodontic procedures may sound expensive and people prefer them for various reasons, including health and cosmetic concerns. Whatever the cause, patients who want to achieve the greatest results will always appreciate a hassle-free and cost-effective treatment.

Fortunately, Dr. Kahan and her awesome team of smile experts at Kahan Orthodontics prioritize convenience and cost-efficiency just as much! That is why they have opted to help handle the financial aspects of their patients’ orthodontic treatment in Los Angeles, California. Not only that, but all you have to do is submit your benefits, wait for verification, and enjoy your excellent treatment coverage.

But, will your dental or medical insurance cover braces?

Dental Insurance Coverage

Coverage is different for each policy and provider. Most of the time, orthodontic benefits rest at a certain age. As your age goes up, your coverage goes down. Orthodontic treatments are also rarely covered in full by dental insurance. Most providers only offer a limited range. So, it’s essential to know what your insurance will pay for. You can call your insurance company directly to find out more about the scope of the procedure or even an estimate of how much it will cost.

There’s also a chance that your dental benefits have a limit. Make sure to write down this maximum so you can plan for the costs of your orthodontic care, which may or may not go over it. It’s certainly best to prepare for those straightened pearly whites!

Medical Necessary Braces

Some private insurance companies will pay for medically necessary orthodontic work. But these companies look at situations differently depending on the dire need for orthodontic care. So, you can’t be sure that your braces will be covered. These are very rare cases. We advise you to call us to learn more.

Don’t worry, though, because Kahan Orthodontics is one of the best orthodontists in Los Angeles, California. Patients don’t have to struggle with their insurance companies to get their orthodontic care paid for. The most important thing to Dr. Kahan and her team is for their patients to get high-quality care at a suitable price.

Flexible Payment Plans at Kahan Orthodontics

Dr. Kahan and her team at Kahan Orthodontics will work with you to develop a payment plan that is reasonable for you. With various payment options and a free consultation, you can achieve the healthy smile you deserve without paying a fortune.

How does this work?

An acceptable downpayment will be required to cover the upfront fees; then, you’ll have the option to pay monthly for your treatment. This way, you can get beautifully aligned teeth without having to worry about the financial responsibility of your treatment.

Of course, if you have dental insurance, that is also completely alright. We will help you bill your insurance. At Kahan Orthodontics, you have all the necessary financing options. Want to discover what your best financing option is? Call us at (818) 578-8782 or stop by our Tarzana, California, location today!