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Orthodontics For Children

How early should your child see an orthodontist? Early treatment is preventative and can help avoid future serious issues.

When To Visit Kahan Orthodontics

We recommend coming in for an appointment before the age of seven years old.

Dr. Kahan will monitor your child’s jaw and tooth development to start orthodontic treatment when the time is right. These growth and development visits are always complementary.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment For Children

Preventative care starts early!

Starting treatment at the appropriate time helps to address impeding problems at an earlier stage often reducing overall orthodontic treatment time and financial expenses. If Dr. Kahan recommends early treatment (called Phase I), she will help establish proper jaw growth and room for the adult teeth to come in.

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Creating Beautiful Smiles Early!

It is smart to correct problems of the jaws and teeth before growth is complete

Early treatment reduces the complexity of the second phase of treatment, and can even allow your child to avoid further dental tooth extraction or surgical procedures in the future.

After your child's early treatment (usually around 1 year), Dr. Kahan and our team will monitor your child as their permanent teeth continue to develop. Once your child has developed permanent teeth, the second and final phase of treatment, which includes braces or Invisalign begins.

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Is Your Child A Candidate For Early Treatment?

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  • Early loss of primary (baby) teeth
  • Severely crowded teeth
  • Impacted permanent teeth
  • Finger sucking or other habits
  • Speech difficulty
  • Protruding (“buck”) teeth
  • Asymmetrical face
  • Jaws that are too far forward or backward (Overbite and Underbite)
  • Irregular facial profile
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