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How Much Is Invisalign?

At Kahan Orthodontics, we want the final treatment choice to be yours. If Dr Kahan advises that you are a candidate for both Invisalign and braces, Invisalign treatment is often at the same cost as other orthodontic treatments.

Pricing For Invisalign

Everyones smile is uniquely different and treatment costs will vary based on your individual needs and corrective requirements

Our typical Invisalign treatment ranges from $2725 for simpler cases to around $6250 for more involved cases. To help offset the cost of Invisalign, we accept most insurance providers to help make sure your treatment is affordable. Since treatment fees vary based on your specific needs, we suggest that anyone interested in Invisalign visit our Tarzana or Santa Monica office for a free Invisalign consultation with Dr. Kahan.

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Invisalign Cost Scenario

From simple straightening to bigger fixes, we will find an affordable payment plan for you!

Jonathan's total investment for 18 months of Invisalign is $5250. He was able to split the Invisalign down payment of $1500 into two equal payments. He paid $750 when Dr. Kahan took his impressions and the other $750 when the first Invisalign trays were ordered two to four weeks later. With our extended in-house interest free financing plan, Jonathan is paying monthly auto-drafted payments of $156/month for 24 months.

  • Treatment: Invisalign
  • Total Cost: $5,250
  • Downpayment: 2 installations of $750
  • Monthly Payments: $156/month for 24 months

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