Invisalign For Adults & Teens

Invisalign Adults & Teen: The Clear Alternative To Braces

Invisalign is the perfect solution for teenagers and adults looking to straighten their teeth in a comfortable, easy and invisible way!

Benefits of Invisalign For Teens

Give your teen a teeth straightening system that is as technologically advanced as they are.

Let’s face it, teenagers are busy! Invisalign teen is the perfect teeth straightening system to fit within your teenagers busy lifestyle. Appointments to our office are conveniently scheduled approximately every two to three months so teenagers will love not missing out on extra-curricular activities. Invisalign treatment is clear, comfortable and removable with no wires to tighten, no braces attached to the teeth, and less emergency visits to the office. It is much easier to eat and drink what you want, when you want and aligners can be removed for important school plays, sports games and even prom night.

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Benefits of Invisalign For Adults

Give yourself the treat of having a beautiful smile without all the hassle!

Adults are busy, too! Invisalign can be a better alternative as an adult rather than the option of having braces. Invisalign flies more under the radar than braces do ( delete this sentence). Since Invisalign is a more hidden way to straighten teeth, people are less self-conscious during daily life events such as date night, important work presentations, and even going to your child’s PTA meetings. With your fast-paced adult life, you won’t need to worry about restricting your diet or having to treat pain or sores caused by dental brackets and wires. Follow-up visits with your Woodland Hills or Sherman Oaks orthodontist will be more spaced out and won’t take up as much of your time in comparison to monthly orthodontic braces appointments. Ultimately, having Invisalign as an adult is an easier commitment.

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Invisalign or Braces?

With Invisalign, even your closest friends and family may never notice that you are on your way to a smooth new smile!

Since Invisalign is removable and wire-free, it is easier to maintain proper oral hygiene and not worry about getting food stuck in hard-to-reach areas compared to braces. Teenagers typically feel confident and comfortable throughout the teeth straightening process, which is important for this stage of their lives.

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Still have questions or concerns? Not to worry! Dr. Kahan and our wonderful staff are here to assist you with any lingering doubts ( change this to questions) you may have. You can call our offices or schedule an appointment online today!

All About Invisalign!

Straighten your teeth today and get the perfect smile through Invisalign's clear aligners!.


Pricing for the Invisalign treatment varies for each person, but Kahan Orthodontic offers flexible payment plans and we take insurance to help offset costs!

Invisalign Costs

New to Invisalign? Let Kahan Orthodontics answer your questions so you can be on your way to the perfect smile.

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