Where can I get Traditional Braces Encino?

Teeth can shift throughout your lifetime, whether it’s a result of injury or natural growth. This is where orthodontics enters the picture. Lingual or traditional braces Encino may be the answer to shifting teeth to where they need to form a more aesthetically-pleasing a functional bite!

Where can I get Traditional Braces Encino?

Should I Get Traditional Braces or Lingual Braces?

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the ones you usually imagine when you think of braces. They are called traditional braces because they have been around for decades and stood the test of time. Aside from being traditional, they have proved to the public their purpose.

Traditional braces are worn with brackets and wires on the front of your teeth. It has become more popular because of the recent developments in its design. Experts made it possible to create smaller and sleeker braces to avoid protruding lips and damage to the cheeks.

The best part about traditional braces is that they serve their purpose of straightening your teeth. Another good thing about these braces is that you can give them a little aesthetics because of the numerous color bands, making them fun for younger patients.

Lingual Braces

Do you love the benefits of traditional braces but don’t want them to be noticeable? Lingual braces are what you need. According to statistics, there are about 5 million Americans who wear braces – 25% of whom are adults. Hence, the majority of individuals who wear braces are teens.

It’s not rare for teens and adults to avoid braces because they find the wires and brackets distracting or unattractive. If you’re one of those who don’t want to wear metal braces on the front of their teeth, lingual braces are the option you need to consider. Lingual braces are pretty similar to traditional braces. The only difference is that the brackets and wires are installed at the back of the teeth, making them invisible every time you smile.

Interested in Getting Traditional Braces in Encino?

Having perfectly aligned teeth has always been possible since the rise of traditional metal braces. If you want to straighten your teeth, contact Kahan Orthodontics today!