It’s never fun to be embarrassed by your smile, and it’s also never fun feeling the need to hide it when you’re laughing, speaking, or taking a photo. Thats why Kahan Orthodontics offers accelerated braces in Woodland Hills. With the help of accelerated braces, the smile you’ve always dreamt of is within reach.  

By the time your orthodontic treatment is over, you won’t have to shy away from smiling any longer. When you come to see us, you can expect the high-quality results you are looking for. 

What Are Accelerated Braces? 

Do you want to start smiling sooner? With accelerated braces, we can turn that wish into reality thanks to advanced new orthodontic techniques. Also called self-ligating braces or tie-free braces, this method aims to cut down treatment time by doing away with the elastic ties attached to your brackets and wires. 

Rather than having the colorful look of traditional braces, accelerated braces are simply composed of brackets and wires. The brackets have special clips on them, allowing the wire to easily move teeth into the correct position.  

What Are My Choices for Accelerated Braces? 

The great thing about accelerated braces is that you can choose between the multiple types, giving you complete control over the treatment style you receive. Each style has its own unique advantages, so it’s best to do some research and ask the orthodontist for some assistance if you are having a difficult time deciding. 

With either of your choices, the process of placing them on your teeth will be very similar. The first step will be coming in for a consultation. During this appointment, the orthodontist will be examining the severity of your misalignment, as well as your overall oral health. If you have any issues like cavities or periodontal disease, they will need to be taken care of first. 

Once you have been cleared for accelerated braces, we will create a scan of your smile for reference, then begin the application process. 


Metal braces are the more traditional method. They would probably come to mind first if you’re thinking about orthodontic treatment. These braces have both metal brackets and wires. While they sometimes tend to be a little faster than other methods, many people complain about poking against their gums and cheeks. 

If this tends to be bothersome, you can use a wax material to temporarily place over the area of concern to provide some relief. While metal braces are more visible than the alternative, the lack of elastic ties will help make your mouth look less crowded. 


Instead of metal, clear braces are usually made from materials like ceramic, porcelain, or plastic. One of the most outstanding characteristics you notice about them is their appearance. Clear braces are almost invisible during normal conversations or photos. People would really have to look closely to notice you’re wearing them. 

Clear braces are also known to be more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the sharp metal irritating your mouth, causing pain and discomfort.  

Which Type of Braces Are Right for Me? 

If you’re having a hard time deciding between metal or clear accelerated braces, the best thing to do is ask the orthodontist what they think the best method would be for your condition. If your teeth are extremely misaligned, it might be best to choose the more durable metal braces. If you’re concerned about potential pain and discomfort, clear braces might be more your style. Ultimately, it will often come down to personal preference. 

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Braces? 

Accelerated braces are perfect for those who want to speed up the process through bypassing the use of elastic ties. Speed isn’t the only major benefit of this method, however. Some of the other advantages include: 

  • Easier to clean than traditional braces 
  • Teeth move with less friction and more efficiently 
  • Less noticeable, especially if you choose clear braces 

Looking for Accelerated Braces in Woodland Hills? 

With today’s technology, the speed of orthodontics treatment continues to increase with even better results than ever before. At Kahan Orthodontics, we want our patients to be completely satisfied with their smiles and the entire treatment. Part of that includes doing everything we can to make everything faster and more comfortable.  

Do you have any questions or concerns about accelerated braces? Our friendly team is available to answer them. If you’re interested in Woodland Hills orthodontic treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment.