Clear Braces Tarzana

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you have numerous options in front of you. The path to the smile of your dreams isn’t as long as you might have guessed. If your teeth are misaligned, you’ve probably thought about getting some traditional braces. While that method works tremendously, you might …

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Where is Invisalign Woodland Hills?
Braces Invisalign

Braces v. Invisalign

Braces have become a very commonly shared childhood memory. Sticking wax to the back wire or threading the floss in-between brackets every evening. Traditional braces have become the customary way of straightening teeth whether it be with ceramic or metal wires and brackets to pressure teeth into their correct alignment. Thankfully, Invisalign Woodland Hills is …

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braces orthodontist
Braces Orthodontics

What Should I Expect From a Virtual Orthodontic Consultation?

Virtual orthodontic consultation in Encino is a beneficial and convenient solution for patients who have limited time to visit the dentist. Especially at times of pandemic, virtual meetings are highly recommended to be safe without worrying about your teeth’s condition. If you’re new at virtual consultations, below are the top 5 expectations you need to know. What …

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