seeing best orthodontist in encino

Have you been thinking about getting an orthodontic treatment to straighten and improve the appearance of your smile? Or perhaps you already have braces, and you just want to get them off as soon as possible to achieve that picture-perfect smile at the earliest opportunity. No matter how minor or major your concern about getting orthodontic treatment, it’s important that you find the best orthodontist in Encino for the best and fastest results.

seeing best orthodontist in encino

Things That Can Delay Orthodontic Treatment

You know your braces are going to give you that straighter, more attractive smile that you have always wanted, but the process can seem never-ending while you are wearing them. Trust the process and your orthodontist! Simply beware of these things that could delay your braces coming off.

Bad Dental Hygiene

Never forget to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse daily. Good dental hygiene is vital for your smile transformation process.

Hard Foods

Hard foods can damage the wires and cause a bracket to separate from a tooth. It is best to avoid habits of chewing food and things that are sticky and hard.

Forgetting About Your Mouthguard

If you participate in contact sports, you need to protect your braces and your teeth. Always remember to wear a mouthguard whenever you are playing or participating in a very active recreational activity.

Skipping Dental Appointments

If you skip your appointments, your orthodontist won’t be able to see if you are responding to the treatment. These appointments are a crucial component of your orthodontic care, and very necessary if you want to correct your smile as soon as possible.

Treatment Period

Getting braces can be a life-changing experience that is a way to boost your confidence. However, the treatment span may vary on a case-to-case basis. It is important to know that orthodontic treatment will demand a lot of patience and compliance on your journey to achieve your beautiful smile.

seeing best orthodontist in encino

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