Clear Braces Tarzana

As you stare at your children’s misaligned teeth, the first thing you’ll want to do is correct them. There are a few dental options to choose from for straightening your kids’ teeth, such as clear braces in Tarzana. But how do you know if they need braces? 

Clear Braces Tarzana

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If Your Kids Need Braces

Do They Have Crooked Teeth?

Having crooked teeth is one of the common reasons people see an orthodontist, and this is also what usually comes to mind when you hear people are getting braces.   

A variety of reasons can also contribute to your children’s crooked teeth. It could be that their permanent teeth grow in around baby teeth that haven’t fallen out yet. It could also be that their jaw isn’t large enough yet to accommodate their adult teeth. Whatever the reason is for their crooked teeth, braces are the best solution. 

Are They Having Trouble Biting or Chewing?

If you notice your kids not eating right because they can’t bite or chew their food quickly, then bring them to the orthodontist to get braces.  

You wouldn’t want your kids’ health and nutrition to be affected just because their teeth aren’t allowing them to eat comfortably. Their misaligned teeth negatively impact their ability to bite or chew on their food. They could often end up biting their tongue or the inside of their cheeks.  

Do They Have Speech Problems?

Though a lot can cause your kids’ speech problems, sometimes it’s just a matter of misaligned teeth. As your kids age, they get engaged in many interactions with other people, and their inability to pronounce certain words can cause insecurities.   

If your children are struggling with speech, it’s time to take them to your trusted orthodontist to see their options.  

Clear Braces Tarzana


Do Your Kids Need Clear Braces in Tarzana?

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