woman wearing teal colored metal Braces Woodland Hills

You may feel self-conscious about getting your braces, but there isn’t really a need to! You just have to think of them as a fashion statement instead of an insecurity. All you need is a bit of creativity to wear your braces with confidence. Here are a few tips for you to make your braces in Woodland Hills trendy. 

woman having her Braces Woodland Hills adjusted in the clinic

How to Make Your Braces Trendy

Get Colorful Brackets

With some types of braces, it’s possible to get your brackets in different colors. You can opt for one color on the top teeth and another color on the bottom teeth or alternate from tooth to tooth. You just need to play well with color contrast! 

Decorate Your Retainer

Did you know that it is not just the braces themselves that you can make colorful? If you might need to wear a retainer, you can also have them decorated! Retainers are often available in various colors. 

Use Colorful Rubber Bands

You will sometimes need little rubber bands that will help adjust your teeth. You can opt to get them in different colors, depending on your liking. Since your bands need to be replaced daily, you can even choose a color to match your outfit. Just imagine how fun that could be! 

close up image of Braces Woodland Hills with purple rubber bands

Are You Thinking of Getting Creative with Your Braces in Woodland Hills?

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